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International trucking

Vaemenia logistics s.r.l. have been established in a strong strategic position in Gravellona Toce (Verbania) which is situated between two industry zones, Omegna and Verbania. The main company service is national and international road freight transport.

Our fleet ranges from vans with load capacity of two tones, trucks and trailer, tarpaulin with load capacity of thirty tones to trucks with load capacity also thirty tones.

The company owns a one thousand square meters of closed warehousing space that allows differentiation of the parts-transportation of goods, full load transports and storage of goods as logistics activities. It also allows to encourage co-operation with international partners and clients from northern Europe and Switzerland.

Articulated lorry Vaemenia

The development of cooperation with the other haulers from Italy and Europe as well as railways, permit us to provide a service that can satisfy all of our clients, from large orders to the spot delivery.

Initially dedicated to transport of smaller quantities of goods, over many years we have developed significant experience in management and transportation of goods form metal and paper industry (from raw material to finished products or coil). We also equipped our fleets with all the devices needed for transport in that sector to ensure the transportation of product in maximum safety. Sure to be able to satisfy your requirements and to maintain a quality and punctuality service we look forward to be able to provide our best prices.

Vaemenia Logistics Autotrasporti

Via Cav. Anacleto Cirla, 28883
Gravellona Toce (VB) - ITALY